Nevada Center for Surveys, Evaluation, and Statistics

All key personnel have completed the extensive IRB training for handling confidential data and conducting research with human research subjects as required by the University. The Survey Lab has multi-mode data collection (online and phone) capabilities, and uses state-of-the-art survey technologies, including a sophisticated, powerful Computer‑Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system for telephone interviews, Tele-Form, an equally sophisticated paper and pencil questionnaire design software that digitally recognizes and captures paper-based images and their content. The CSES as also purchased 16 licensed WinCATI stations for the sole purpose of improving its ability to conduct surveys more efficiently and expediently.

  • CATI Software (WinCATI Ci3). With respect to the CATI hardware and software, the University departmental server hosts all files needed for WinCati 4.2, a software developed by Sawtooth Technologies. The survey lab maintains a current license for this CATI system.
  • TeleForm Equipment. The CSES utilizes TeleForm, a sophisticated design software package, in order to produce bulk mail surveys for use with high-speed optical scanners. This software package is one of the highly used systems at worldwide research centers. It was developed to meet the high needs for accuracy, speed, scalability and versatility. This Windows based software makes more efficient data coding, editing, and entry processes from paper and PDF.
  • Qualtrics Web Survey Software. The CSES also has its own, stand-alone license for another web survey software package. Qualtrics is a robust online survey software that is used to create and administer surveys via the web. The survey editor contains advanced features that allow for complex skip patterns and branches. There are also many question types that can be used. It has many features including a built-in survey mailer as well as the ability to add in-page popup and embedded surveys to any website, a results section that allows for the creation of reports in real-time, and section for creating polls to add to any website. Qualtrics also allows for a web pop-up page survey. This feature allows a website visitor to be randomly selected to take a web survey when a customer visits a client's website.