DHS Annual Faculty Evaluations

Health Sciences

Performance evaluations bring faculty members and supervisors together to set goals, engage in professional development activities, as well as measure and reward success in the context of your school and each department's missions. This process promotes and fosters dialogue, constructive feedback, and faculty development.

This page outlines the annual evaluation requirements for 2018. The evaluation period covers January 1 through December 31, 2018.

Completed faculty packets are due to directors by the date determined by each department/school. Original and complete department packets are due to Donna Dutra in the VPHS Office by 3:00pm February 15, 2019.

Please do not staple any of these documents; use binder and paper clips to separate sections of each faculty member's material and rubber bands to hold packets together

Academic Faculty Packet

  1. Annual Faculty Evaluation Checklist
  2. Academic Faculty Self-Evaluation - Accessed in Digital Measures
  3. 2019 Role Statement - Accessed in Digital Measures
  4. Updated CV

Administrative Faculty Packet

  1. Annual Faculty Evaluation Checklist
  2. Administrative Faculty Self-Evaluation
  3. 2019 Individual Performance Objectives (IPO) or 2019 Goal Statements (choose either form)

Departmental Packet

  1. Annual Evaluation Departmental Packet Checklist
  2. Merit Spreadsheet (Sent to Director in December by VPHS Office)
  3. Director's Personal Faculty Packet
  4. Completed Faculty Packet for Each Department Faculty Member

Additional Resources & Tools

  1. Recorded Tutorial of Digital Measures
  2. AAMC Template for CVs